Listings are scheduled for completion 16 working days after payment, all information and all source images was received.
(Excluding time waiting on client feedback)

Content, included information, imaging and free extras depends on your Listing Package. Free events & specials are a “best effort” service and will be created if and when possible.

Before we can start creating your listing the following needs to be submitted on a flash driver or via e-mail to

  • Listing Text
  • Photos
  • Logos, Graphics, Menus

Listings Text

Text for listings, events and specials must be supplied in an editable format such as Microsoft Word docs, a PDFs with editable text or e-mail text.

For optimum exposure and click through rates we will carefully graft the content of your listing.  The right mix of content & natural keywords will boost search engine rankings of your listing and the correct structure will optimize successful contact conversions.


What to include for listings (if available)

  • • a company profile
  • • a list of product & services
  • • the history of your business
  • • what sets your business apart from other similar companies
  • • what is your marketing angle
  • • why should customers pick your business rather than your competition
  • • what do you offer which others don’t
  • • what is your customer service philosophy


Photos for listings, events and specials to be supplied in hi resolution, preferable at least 1600px wide, in the best quality available.  PNG or uncompressed jpg files are best.

What to include for listings

  • • The street view of your business
  • • The inside of your business
  • • Your main product ranges
  • • Your main products
  • • Branded vehicles

Rather provide too many photos than too few.  Wide angle photographs are best as it will enable our designers to integrate photos better when images are created.

Graphics & Logos

Graphics, logos, menus, posters & pamphlets for listings, events and specials to be supplied in the original design format such as Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw.  If not available ‘n high resolution png or uncompressed jpg is also acceptable but this can impact the creation time of your listing.

Free extras included

Free extras are subject to change at any time.

All items must be submitted via e-mail at least 2 full working days before date of placement.
Please e-mail Event Information to and special & promotions to


Include full text in editable format as well as imaging in the original design format such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Publisher, Word or Power point.
If there are no pre designed imaging we will create a template optimize for web and social sharing for your company and incorporate any supplied high quality high res photos, images and text into the template.


When we create group events, specials and promotion posts the order of importance of included items are: Paid for Specials & Events, then per the listing package in order of Platinum Packages, Premium+ Packages, Premium Packages, Standard Packages and Free Packages.

Event Website & Facebook Postings

Your event will be posted as a stand alone item after creation and thereafter included in daily/weekly posts.

Daily & Weekly Posts

Daily & Weekly Posts are created for: Events, Specials & Promotions and Where to Eat categories.

  • What’s on This Week – Posted Monday’s
    Deadline Fridays 9am.
  • Daily Posts – Every morning.
    Deadline 9pm, 2 days before the post.
  • Klein Saterdag posts on Wednesday mornings.
  • Deadline Mondays 9pm
  • What’s on This weekend. Posted on Wednesdays
    Deadline Mondays 9pm.
  • What’s on This weekend. Posted Fridays.
    Deadline Wednesdays 9pm
  • What’s on this Saturday & Sunday. Posted Saturdays.
    Deadline Wednesdays 9pm

*Post may be combined or split up further depending on the amount of items.
*The amount of free specials and promotions per week may be limited depending on package type or time avialalbe.