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  • Visit McDonald's in the CBD of Kimberley for freshly prepared meals, desserts & drinks.

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    Full Menu: Breakfast, Burgers, Sides, Meals, Desserts & McCafé

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    McDonald's Kimberley CBD
    Corner of Lennox & Chapel Street, Kimberley CBD

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    What kind of standards does McDonald’s have for the food it serves?

    We have some of the most stringent food quality standards in the industry. Our standards meet and often exceed government standards, and our suppliers are held accountable to our global standards. It has been said that some companies don’t want to supply to McDonald’s, because it is “simply too hard.” We take that as a compliment and keep raising the bar.

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    Our food is made to order, freshly prepared, every time.

    Where does your food come from?

    Our produce, beef, poultry and eggs are sourced from a select group of approved suppliers that meet our food safety standards, our quality systems, our social responsibility requirements and, where appropriate, our animal welfare standards. Our specially selected suppliers are our partners and they share our values. They care about the environment and work hand in hand with us to help maintain sustainability, smart farming and safe practices.


    Our Beef
    McDonald’s serves a very high number of customers every day. As a result, we are able to buy in bulk and negotiate good prices. We pass this benefit along to our customers, ensuring real value to you.
    Our beef patties are made of 100% ground beef and nothing else – no fillers, no binders, no preservatives and no additives.
    We season our patties with salt and pepper and cook them on a double-sided ‘clamshell’ grill. No extra fat is added.


    Our Buns
    We have a variety of buns for the different products that we sell, for example Big Mac buns, hamburger buns etc. Each bag has expiry dates and production dates printed on the packaging. At McDonald’s we use the first in, first out principle, this helps us keep track of which products to use first.


    Our Chicken
    Our crispy chicken breast fillets are dipped into a golden brown batter and breading, then perfectly seasoned and cooked using palmolein oil.

    Our McChicken® patty is made with both white and dark chicken meat. Marinade, spices and breading are added to give you the familiar and favourite taste you love.

    Our Chicken McNuggets are made from the chicken breast, which is minced and shaped into nuggets, then coated with a specially-seasoned batter by our trusted suppliers.


    Our Coffees
    McDonald’s McCafé® coffee drinks are made with specific flavour profile coffee beans sourced globally. Much of our coffee originates from the warm climates of Central and South America.
    Our Premium Roast Coffee is ground from 100% Arabica beans – a slightly sweet, rich medium roast flavour that lingers.
    Our McCafé assortments of coffees are made with freshly ground dark roast espresso beans.


    Our Desserts
    Our Milkshakes, Sundaes and Mcflurry desserts are made from milk, sugar, natural flavouring and guar gum.


    Our Eggs
    We only use fresh, Grade A eggs in our Egg McMuffin sandwiches. The eggs are washed with warm water before being inspected both visually and electronically at the farms from which they are sourced, for any cracks or flaws. The eggs are then packed for shipment to the McDonald’s restaurants. So the eggs undergo rigorous QC checks before they are used to make the Egg McMuffin.


    Our Fish
    Once caught, our fish is immediately inspected, skinned, deboned, cut into fillets and quick-frozen into blocks. It is then cut into square portions and inspected again before being breaded, packed, frozen and sealed for shipment.


    Our Fresh Produce
    We ensure our customers receive fresh, safe and great tasting fresh produce. Our produce is delivered to our restaurants via refrigerated trucks, so you get the best crisp, wholesome seasonal greens and vegetables available. Our “use thru” dates guarantee that only fresh products are sold.


    Our Potatoes
    All natural, farm fresh potatoes are used to make our World Famous Fries. We only use potatoes that allow us to get the perfect size, taste and texture for a McDonald’s French fry — slightly crisp with a tender bite on the outside, fluffy like a “baked potato” on the inside.

    The potatoes are cut, lightly par-fried and frozen before being distributed to our restaurants. Just prior to serving, the fries are cooked in our special palmolein oil, so that you get them crispy, hot and fresh.

    Fries are kept for a maximum of seven minutes after cooking. This guarantees that every fry you order from McDonald’s is freshly prepared.

    All McDonald’s restaurants are certified Halaal by the Muslim Judicial council.

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    Cuisine: Fast Food
    Style: American Fast Food
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    Noise Level: Average
    WiFi: Yes
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    Smoking: No
    Accept Credit Cards: Yes
    Kids Friendly: Yes
    Delivery: No
    Drive-Through: Yes
    100% Local: -
    Premium Company: Yes
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