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  • Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital, formerly known as Kimberley Hospital Complex (KHC)
    Provincial Hospital in Kimberley, Northern Cape.

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    13 Reviews on “Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital”

    1. C. Eilerd Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

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      I have been waiting for 11 hours in order to see a doctor at the Gateway Centre.

      I complained twice to the Manager who then consulted the doctors in said centre and each time was told that my file is on top and I will be called next.

      I am still waiting.

      I came here hoping that they could provide me services that my local clinic and hospital could not.

      I don’t see how any services can be rendered when you are not even called. Disregarded and dismissed by the doctors on duty.

      7 December 2018
      Been here from 6:38 am.
      I would not rate them even one star as there is no service from doctors.

      Please note: My complaint is about Doctors, those who undertook the Hippocratic oath.

    2. Wessel Gordon Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Individually rated for:


      After a 7 month absence due to me spending 6.5 months of that period in another hospital I showed up at my usual clinic sister only to be told ”You know full well i ONLY see you on Thursdays and only on those Thursdays that you have appointments for”. I was not given any chance to say anything as the involved staff member promptly turned around and left after that little public service announcement.

      Admittedly I was there on the ”wrong” day of the week but due to circumstances I am dependent on the goodwill of others to get me to the clinic and back and therefor have to go whenever there’s an opportunity.

      I live 80km from Kimberley so every trip is a 160km round trip to get see a ”professional” nurse for less than 2 minutes….I am wondering if said nurse will sponsor my 320km round trip petrol just because she’s got an unprofessional attitude…I think not.

      Something needs to be done to address that kind of attitude since it seems the staff involved run their ”kingdoms” worse than some historic dictators i can think of.

      As for my rating (overall and individually): I am only giving it 1 out of 5 because that’s the only way I can post this review…the real rating is zero out of 5.

    3. nashada ndango Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Individually rated for:


      Please i want to know what is wrong with my foot and how long will it take to cure it because sometimes i think of doing things to my foot that will not spare my life am tired of living with this thing on my foot. How long must i wait for the cure what if its kills me or i lose my left foot. I know that you did a great job last year but i want it out of my feet, please let me know if there is something i should know asap.

    4. Bernice Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Individually rated for:


      Terrible Terrible service. The nurses are very unprofessional.

    5. Alicia Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Individually rated for:


      Kimberley hospital nurses are horrible. They dont know what they are doing. Every nurse has her or his own rules. They dont follow protocol.
      Where are all the good old nurses???
      The new ones are just a bunch of unprofesdionals
      Where do govermemt fond them? Our health n families health n well being is left in tjey incapable hands.
      Lord please help us

    6. nabir hossain Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Individually rated for:


      Good evening,
      Sir my brother Md sabir hossain admitted in your hospital.please can i know what is condition of my brother.thanks

    7. SONJA FOURIE Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Was nou daar gewees en wat n patetiese ondervind Twee mans het voor my gestaan in die ry .Die twee is in en nr gekry .EN TOE DIT MY BEURT KOM TOE WORD DAAR VIR N BRIEF GEVRA EN GESE DIE HOSPITAAL IS NET VIR NOOD EN EK MOET KLINIEK TOE GAAN .Wil net weet wat maak hul so spesiaal om sonder brief in gelaat te word en nie vir my nie.Was ek dan nie n nood geval oor ek nie kan loop nie.Hul moet uit hul kokonne klim en besef laat die hospitaal nie meer geduld kan word oor die diskrimineerde aksies van hulle nie .DIE HOSPITAAL WORD DEUR DIE BELASTING IN STAND GEHOU.Of hul sal deure moet toe maak .Want net om n voorbeeld tegee ,hul plak n nr op n 4 jarige seun n nr 69 wat hom dood bloei omdat hy deur n glasblad geval het is dit nie nood ni.MAAK DIE PLEK SE DEURE TOE WANT DIT KAN NIE N PLEK GENOEM WORD VAN NOOD NIE

    8. Saretha Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Baie swak diens by ongevalle. Dokters is nie proffessioneel en is ongeskik. Moes ure wag voor pasient aandag gekry het. Recovery kamer is n gemors, gebruikte watte met bloed le op vloer. Suster aan diens roep pasient om pille by die tafel te kom haal, sy staan nie op om iemand te help. Kan dit nie glo nie.

    9. Deon van Zyl Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      My name is Deon van Zyl. I suffered chest pains and decided to get help at the Kimberley Hospital. After waiting whatt felt like an eternity things started speeding up tremendously. Within an hour an ecg was done and chest x-rays taken. A team of Drs attended to me and it was decided that I be admitted. I arrived in the ward and was welcomed by a very friendly nursing sister who was very professional and helpful. Sure,there was very little linen,but I expected that.
      I spent more than a week in ward M1 and could not have asked for better treatment. Not one of the personel were abusive or unfriendly in any way what so ever.
      The only bit of negativity is the male toilets and bath facilities. For the rest I will gladly rate ward M1 with 5 stars.

    10. Shona Beyers Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      The mission of the Northern Cape Department of Health is to provide quality health care services; promote a healthy, caring and responsible society; and offer caring, multi-skilled professionals who will integrate comprehensive services, using evidence-based care strategies and partnerships to maximise efficiencies for the benefit of all.

      Thus reads the mission statement of the dept of Health for Northern Cape…Mr Richard Jones and Mr G Moncho, I challenge you to walk through the corridors of the Kimberly hospital and judge whether there is anything close to what is promised above. Your hospital smacks of the worst kind of neglect, none of the equipment works, patients are left to suffer- asking a nurse for help brings the response …’its not my job’,. How would you feel if your 86 year old relative lay for 4 weeks with a broken hip without being operated on, in excrutating pain and near starving because the food is so bad- to watch a loved one suffer as nurses simply sit at the nursing station not a care that the place is filfthy and patients are in pain is heart breaking. Not once did I see a single nurse attend to a patient the entire weekend! Not to mention the theft that goes on, to have an 86 year old man who has a broken hip and cannot move have his only shoes and pants as well as what tiny money he has stolen is worse than a travesty- it simply defies all that should be human with any health care worker or hospital

      The people of the Northern cape deserve better of their Health department, their nurses or doctors and the people in management and nurses should bow their heads in shame that they collect salaries for what happens in this shameful place

      I challenge a response and action to this mail…I wonder if anyone of you or your staff even take the Hippocratic oath even seriously or are is it that poor people’s lives simply don’t count

    11. Northern Cape citizen Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      This place deserves to be shut down, was waiting to be attended and was flagged yellow, which means I was supposed to be attended to within 4 hours, after about five hours of waiting and 1 person dieing I wanted to follow up with the progress of our file, one inconsiderate @ss blunty and rudely said they will not tell me how many patients is scheduled to go before us, I mean just because its a free service that doesn’t mean they should treat people like animals. Guess we have to die before we get attended to.

    12. andrea Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Swakste hospitaal ooit diens swak somige staff kan nie eens werk ordentlik doen nie kon nie skoon lakens oortrek nie. Was 2 dae sonder kos. Toilette was bemors vir 3 dae sonder skoon maak.

    13. Anneke Pretorius Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      Swakste diens ooit mense le op beddens in gang by recovery room sonder lakens dae sonder water geen rating die personeel onvriendelik glad nie behulpsaam nie staat moet iets doen aan sulke swak diens

    14. winnie Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      4 months ago I was admitted to this hospital. this being the first gov hospital I’ve ever been admitted to I’d like to thank all the staff. being a nurse myself I understood the pressure u guys work under. in the maturity and obstetric wards, the doctors were helpful and well trained but have no respect for patients, no patient confidentiality. K3 nurses and doctors very well trained, helpful and very professional. if all staff at kimberley hospital complex can take a few tips from the staff in K3. the hospital will soon be the best government hospital.

    15. Max Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital

      This hospital sucks because it is being run by incompetent people who were put there for political reasons rather than merit. The Dental Clinic is the absolute worst ’cause the Pakistani guy heading it is not only incompetent but also has a private clinic just across the road, where he spends most of his time, while collecting a full salary from KHC. He knows nothing about proper infection control and has an awful rapport with patients,usually condescending and uncaring.His wife, who is not even a dentist, was somehow able to get a job as a dentist in the same place and they both get paid for overnight calls yet hardly ever come out when called. The wife, as is to be expected, can barely do any proper dental treatments properly. These facts have been brought to the hospital administration many times but to no avail.

    16. CORNA VAN EEDEN Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital


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