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    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has suspended Fly Blue Crane (7B 562) with immediate effect, in accordance with the provisions in Resolution 850 Attachment F.


    For a complete description of the effect of suspension, please refer to Resolution 850 Attachment F, paragraph 2, which is incorporated by reference herein. (In the event of a conflict between Resolution 850 and this notice, Resolution 850 shall control.) Subject thereto, the following actions must be taken by BSP Travel Agents as a result of the suspension:


    1. Suspend all Ticketing Activities. (850.F.2(b)(i) and (ii))


    BSP Travel Agents must immediately suspend all ticketing activities on behalf of Fly Blue Crane, including the use of all automated systems for processing of refunds or other transactions on behalf of Fly Blue Crane. BSP Travel Agents must immediately stop using Fly Blue Crane’s name and numeric code as a ticketing airline.


    2. Settle Outstanding Billings Directly with Fly Blue Crane. (850.F.2(b)(iv-vi); 866)


    An “Outstanding Billing” includes any amount due to or from an airline to an agent for which the Remittance Date has not yet occurred – whether or not the underlying ticket sale occurred post-suspension. All Outstanding Billings, including pending sales and pending refund claims or any future transactions, must be settled directly with Fly Blue Crane. For remittance purposes, this means that the total amounts to be paid by BSP Travel Agents to the BSP for future Remittance Dates shall not contain any amounts due to or from Fly Blue Crane, including any refund actually or potentially owing by Fly Blue Crane. Again, no refunds may be deducted or carried out from Fly Blue Crane’s Outstanding Billings, pending sales, or any other future transaction.


    3. Adjust Direct Debit Payments or Advance Payments Made Before the Next Remittance.

    Please note that if you have already made your remittance to the Clearing Bank ahead of the next (postsuspension) Remittance Date, you may need to complete your remittance by making the adjustments discussed in paragraphs 1 and 2 above.


    Agents issuing payment via Direct Debit should adjust the settlement amount following these instructions and may ultimately be required to use manual payment for this settlement.



    Failure to adjust your remittance in accordance with these instructions may result in the excess amount being withheld by IATA in accordance with applicable law, and completion by IATA of any required adjustments (such as the removal of refund claims). All amounts remitted by BSP Travel Agents to IATA for Fly Blue Crane will be withheld by IATA pending an analysis of applicable law. It is possible that applicable law may require these funds to be paid to the Airline rather than returned to the BSP Travel Agents.


    If you have any further questions, please contact your local Fly Blue Crane office.


    A dynamic new airline with its operational hub at OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, Fly Blue Crane offers customers a much needed alternative air travel option to various business and leisure destinations within the Southern African region operating to and from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Kimberley and Cape Town.

    We offer point-to-point domestic routes, reliability, personal service, the best-of-breed corporate experience of the premium players, plus the affordability and simplicity of the low cost players.

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    12 Reviews on “Fly Blue Crane – SUSPENDED”

    1. Aleksandra Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Individually rated for:


      I want to share my experience of being a customer of the Fly Blue Crane (local Airline Company, South Africa).
      I arrived to Johannesburg from Moscow (Russia) by flights of a/c Qatar Airways (flight route: Moscow-Doha-Johannesburg) on November 30, 2016 for participation in the 5th International Soil Classification Congress, which started on December 1 in Pretoria and was closed on December 7 in Bluemfontain.
      After the congress, I had to fly away to Moscow on December 8 by flights of the same airline company. However, due to incompetence of the staff of the company I flied away only three days later, namely on December 11, by flights of a/c Emirates (flight route: Johannesburg-Dubai-Moscow). As a consequence, during the passport control at the Johannesburg O.R. Tambo Airport I was declared an undesirable person in the Republic until 11.11.2017 because I have overstayed my visa by one day.
      The reason responsible for this is that the company did not inform me in a proper manner about the cancellation of the flight on December 8, 10:50 a.m. by which I had to fly from Bluemfontain to Johannesburg (booking confirmation number: JF3BR0). Firstly, the company did not send me a SMS message. Secondly, after the arrival to South Africa, I did not use the Internet and therefore could not read an e-mail letter, which was sent to me on December 2, with information on the cancellation of the flight. The case is that my mobile phone Nokia cannot be connected to the Internet. Two managers of the company have assured themselves of that (the name of one of them is David). An evidence of the fact that I did not read the e-mail letter is a screen shot from which it appears that this letter is still in a folder “Unread”.
      In case of a timely confession of guilt by the company, I would manage to arrive to Johannesburg on time and catch the flights of a/c Qatar Airways. However, during four and a half hours the managers have taken precious time in vain for explaining me my own guilt, coaxing me to go by taxi to Bluemfontain in order to change euros to rands, and attempting to buy a ticket for me on the earliest flight by the company to Johannesburg. All this time I was standing near the office desk because nobody offered me to sit and there was no any seats. In the words of the managers, the total payments of a new ticket had to be ~2,500 ZAR whereas the total payments of a ticket, which I had bought in Moscow, was 930.83 ZAR.
      By that time, I was game for anything if only to catch the flights by a/c Qatar Airways. That is why I have given the managers all my available money – 160 €. The managers have told me that the lacking money they would take from the refund of the cancelled flight ticket. However, after a lapse of time, they have returned me this money and said that they had failed to buy me a ticket. They said also that now I had to stay in the Republic until December 11 because there were no flights by a/c Fly Blue Crane for today and no tickets on the flights by a/c Qatar Airways for December 9 and 10. In addition to the above, they have named the approximate price of a new ticket on the flights by a/c Qatar Airways – from 4,500 to 6,000 ZAR.
      At that moment, the company have not yet admitted its guilt. Therefore, the managers have offered me to pay for accommodation by myself. Since I have had too little money and no credit card, I have called to C.W. van Huyssteen, the chair of Organising Committee of the congress requesting his help, and, through the agency of the International Union of Soil Science (IUSS), he have paid for my one night in Bains Game Lodge (Bluemfontein) and two nights in Airport Inn (Johanesburg).
      One would think that after that my tribulations have ended. However, next day the same managers declared me that, unfortunately, tickets on flights by Qatar Airways on December 11 were already sold out, that is why I had to extend the period of staying in South Africa again. I have been really shocked at this news. Soon afterwards, another manager has come up to me and told that the company Fly Blue Crane had admitted its guilt and that I could be glad. He also has convinced me that managers of the company at the Johannesburg O.R. Tambo Airport has known about the problem and have been ready to help me to connect with the a/c Qatar Airways.
      I departed from Bluemfontain to Johannesburg by the flight of the company on December 9. I have not paid any additional money for that and this fact confirms the confession of guilt by the company. Nevertheless, a manager of the company in Johannesburg has met me with amazement and told that the company had already met its obligation since it had taken me to Johannesburg. He has said also that it made no matter when the company had done that, therefore, I had to decide for myself how, where and when I would fly further.
      For the foregoing reasons it should be concluded that the managers of the company at Bluemfontain Airport have deceived me.
      All that time I kept in touch with the representatives of the Russian Embassy in South Africa. During the last conversation with them, they told me that I had no other choice but to ask my relatives in Moscow to buy me a new ticket on the earliest flight by any airline company and I have done that.
      I departed from Johannesburg to Moscow on December 11 by flights of a/c Emirates (flight EK-766 and flight EK-133; e-ticket number 176-116705758; reservation number MDZYEM). The total payments of this ticket was 40878 RUB or ~9,084 ZAR. The total payments of the roundtrip ticket that I had bought in Moscow (Moscow-Doha-Johannesburg and Johannesburg-Doha-Moscow) was 35 933 RUB or ~7985 ZAR (flight QR 1364 14:35 and flight QR 229; e-ticket number 157-9157810094; reservation number 2GSK4E).
      Thus, in spite of the fact that the company have admitted its guilt, it has not paid for my forced accommodation, feeding during three days, the new ticket on flight by a/c Emirates, and transit by taxi to Bains Game Lodge and back to the airport (there is not any public transport except taxi). Moreover, the managers of the company have taken from me 200 ZAR in order to bring me to Bains Game Lodge and back to the airport by their own auto.
      I also have spent money for conversations with my relatives and representatives of the Russian Embassy in South Africa. An additional point is that I have not received refund of the flights by Qatar Airways.
      Witnesses in the case are two citizens of South Africa, a citizen of Poland and the representatives of the Russian Embassy in South Africa.
      On 12 January 2017 I sent an e-mail letter to the Head of the Fly Blue Crane, with request to consider my complaint about incompetence of its staff, which actions have caused substantial financial and psychological damages to me. However I have not received any answer yet.
      Don’t fly with the Fly Blue Crane (South Africa)!
      Aleksandra A. Nikiforova

    2. Louise York Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Individually rated for:


      My flight at Kimberly were cancelled in February over the phone with a promise to return my money. I had to make alternative plans and still I did not receive my money….
      I contacted every blue crane number on the internet and there is no answer or no one can help me.

    3. Charl Jooste Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Horrible service. Do not even try contact them, it is a waste of time. Made a big mistake by booking with them.

    4. Michele Siebke Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Worst serie ever. Both flights I booked were cancelled short notice and u was put on others with many hours of time difference. Hard to reach service line and then ger told that I can get money back….That’s it. I had to rebook with another airline for both flights I booked with them just a couple of days from my flying date which cost me a significant amounts of money. Disappointed and angry. Will definitely not attempt to book with them again as waste of time and money
      DO NOT RECOMMEND! unreliable and cost me more in the end than others due to rebooking.
      Also they were quick to take money from me but refund are up to 14 days… customer service at all

    5. Dawid de la Querra Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      We have flown a couple of times with Blue Crane only one cancellation but they helped us very efficiently. We really enjoy flying with you. 5 Star.

    6. Kleintjie Thirion Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Blue Crane flight is a name to shame. Kanselleer vlugte sonder enige waarskuwing en wend geen poging aan om ander vlug te boek. Tweede vlug word vervroeg … Maar koneksie vlug non niee eers van Durban opgestyg. Die tempo wat hulle diet doen sonder om enogsins te compromise met ander rederye en in 10 dae nadat alle info gemail is nog geen terug betaling gedoen is nie. Dit voorspel niks goeds.

    7. Susan Basson Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Flights are schedulled and cancelled without notice. No intension of accomodating the customers inconvenienced schedulled for early morning meetings or early commitments. Customers are expected to purchase an alternative ticket at extra cost and claim money back.
      Totally unacceptable behaviour!!! No explaination for cancellation and staff disappearing as they are not authorised to make the neccesarry decisions

    8. Beandri Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Baie swak diens gekry ons het ‘n kaartjie in Januarie al geboek en toe ons gister op die lughawe kom toe het die hele skedule verander en niemand het ons laat weet nie.

    9. Nicole van Niekerk Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Nicole van Niekerk via Facebook “5 star – Thank you Cindy from customer care for the excellent service! What a great lady to have on your team, she helped me without a fuss and everything was so easy, I am very impressed. I am so thankful for the great service in a difficult time! Well done Fly Blue Crane.”

    10. Redemta Msipa Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Redemta Msipa via Facebook: “5 star – Flew from Joburg to Bloem. It is clean, fresh, fruit & savy pastries for snacks, hot and cold beverages served on board and the staff is absolutely warm, fun and friendly. I would use this airline again.”

    11. Lucille Wiid Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Lucille Wiid via Facebook — “5 star. I am so happy that finally a world class airline is flying to the smaller cities in S.A. I had no problems with booking, flight was on time and the service was excellent! 20kg bag included in the price and drinks and snacks are Free! The bigger airlines can not compete with that! Thank you i will recommend this airline to all my friends.”

    12. Monty Galloway Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Monty Galloway: “Cannot wait for Friday, traveling with you guys from or tambo to kimberley . Excellent price on return flights. Book your tickets now!”

    13. Mark Dare Fly Blue Crane - SUSPENDED

      Mark Dare: “On Tuesday 03 November 2015 I flew from Jhb to Kby with FlyBlueCrane for the first time. Being a frequent Jhb to Kby flyer, I decided to try FlyBlueCrane iso SAAirlink, which is prohibitively expense – FlyBlueCrane were more than 50% cheaper. The experience with FlyBlueCrane was great – the cabin crew were so professional, well dressed, well groomed and polite. Unfortunately, SAAirlink like SAA has become just another incompetent government department…so from now on my bi monthly trips to Kimberley will be with FlyBlueCrane!! By the way, did you know that the Blue Crane is the national bird of South Africa?

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