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  • Brain Gain Kimberley help individuals to reach their full potential in life through Neurofeedback training.

    Outsmart in the Classroom

    Outplay in the Sports Arena

    Outwit in the Boardroom

    Outlast in Retirement

    Brain Gain Neurofeedback Training is Simply, Affordable and Empowering.

    Concentration is the key to early development, academic, corporate and competitive success!
    This is where Neurofeedback Training can help through our exciting world of HEG Neurofeedback, where we coach and condition the brain to increase concentration levels. Our training increases the blood flow to the brain boosting cognitive ability.


    Teaching toddlers to pay attention is the key to academic success.

    ~ The UK Telegraph

    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Heading -  From young to old

    Brain Gain offer neurofeedback peak performance training for people without attention problems who want to reach the top of their class, sport or profession.

    Brain Gain also use neurofeedback training to help people with ADHD / ADD and other attention problems.

    • Focus
    • Focus attention effectively and maintain it on one task
    • Emotions
    • Control emotions and impulses
    • Purpose
    • Maintain a sense of purpose
    • Response
    • Respond appropriately to the demands of a specific situation

    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Image - Pre and Primary SchoolIt’s a well-known fact that, even if your child had the brain capacity of a genius, he/she will struggle academically if concentration is a problem.  At Brain Gain we strive to address the root cause of concentration issues and NOT just the symptoms.


    The Brain Gain 2-year school readiness program is one of its kind and specifically formulated to ensure your child is ready for school when entering the formal school environment in Grade 1.
    In this programme, the child, parents and teacher, all work together to ensure school readiness.


    This unique programme, presented only by Brain Gain, is aimed at all 4-6-year-old toddlers, to make sure they enter Grade 1 as winners.

    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Heading - High School and University

    Concentration is the key to academic success  but what if our Brain has actually never really learned how?

    Enter Brain Gain Neurofeedback. A simple, safe method of teaching the brain to focus.


    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Image - High School and UniversityClients are helpmed to teach their brain to enhance the activation of their cognitive centres in the frontal lobe, as well as to maintain it for increasingly longer periods of time.

    The beauty of Brain Gain is that it causes real, physical change in the brain which cements this process and leads to long-lasting results, unlike medication which wears off after a few hours

    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Heading - Sportsmen, Musicians and Professionals

    Whether you are a sportsman, musician, pilot, surgeon, salesman – the list is endless! We can help you to UP YOUR GAME!

    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Image - Sportsmen, musicians and professionalsBrain Gaine use Neurofeedback HEG to train the brain to focus on the task at hand leading to increased performance.

    Our programme builds an extreme level of concentration giving you’re the ability to:


    • tune out distractions during key situations,
    • tune out distractions during key situations,
    • performing better under pressure,
    • have more accurate timing, and
    • have improved mental agility through more efficient use of brain resources


    When people have lived long enough to arrive at retirement, a stage of life that needs to be enjoyed and not endured, many often experience challenges in their health, mind and emotions that ruin this beautiful part of their lives.


    Regular neurofeedback sessions will stimulate increased blood-flow to the brain therefore significantly increasing concentration and memory. The effect of this amazing, measurable science will affect permanent change in your brain to benefit your life on many different levels.

    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Heading -  Business and Corporate

    Brain Gain Neurofeedback Training is Simply, Affordable and Empowering.

    Today’s business environment is very competitive and results in overload, stress and diminished performance from relentless productivity demands, Eroded confidence and self-esteem created by rapidly changing skill requirements and job assignments, increased demand for personal responsibility and accountability arising from empowerment and emphasis on teams

    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Image -  Business and CorporateThe Brain Gain Corporate Neurofeedback System will create:

    • Emotional Balance
    • Faster Problem-Solving
    • Easier Decision-Making
    • Increased Alertness & Focus
    • Sense of Personal Power & Control
    • Mental Stamina & Toughness
    • Increased Creativity



    “My daughter, Anea is an avid golfer, but she used to struggle to focus through a one hour session as well as lessons. Even at school she had times where she would struggle to stay on task. After she attended a few sessions of brain gain I could see a noticeable difference in the amount of time she could stay on task. Even her piano teacher noticed a difference and was delighted that her focus stretched for a full hour. I am a big sceptic when it comes to programs like this, but the results speaks for itself. My daughter did gain the ability to focus and stay in task for the amount of time she needs to finish a set task and it made a difference in her school work and her sporting endeavours.”

    ~ Anri Labuschagne

    Daar is 'n aansienlike verbetering in Charles se skoolwerk die kwartaal. hy het ook meer selvertroue en neem aktief deel in klasgesprekke. Hy pak sy skoolwerk baie meer entoesiasties aan. Hy werk ook noukeurig en baie netjies. Ons is geweldig trots op die manier waarop Charles hormself die kwartaal vir ons bewgs het.

    Brain Gain made me realize that my concentration levels were not up to standard and that I needed to work on staying focused for longer periods of time. After a few sessions I could feel the difference. The program helped me focus and concentrate for longer continuous periods of time and focus more intensely.

    ~ JH VENTER (Sports Scientist and Personal Trainer)

    Brain Gain het mg gehelp met my akademie deur dat ek meer kon konsentreer. My wiskunde het met 16% opgegaan. Brain Gain het my 100%  met my rugby gehelp, ek lees nou die spel beter omdat ek beter fokus. Dit het gehelp dat ek my eerste die kon druk en punte vir my  skool kon opnteken.


    Vandat ons Brain Gain begin het hou mg kind van konsentreer! Takies by die skool en arbeidsterapie wat voorheen vir hom moeilik was, en hom sommer moedeloos laat voel het geniet hy nou. In die laaste 3 maande het hy so baie ontwikkel sy brein is nou so os 'n spons. Hy wil leer en sy konsentrasie is baie beter! Dankie Ruanette, jy en Brain Gain het ‘’n hele nuwe wêreld vir hom oopgemaak!

    ~ Celeste de Jongh

    BRAIN GAIN KIMBERLEY, NORTHERN CAPE: Heading - Contact Details


    7 Memorial Road, Kimberley, Northern Cape, 8301


    +27 82 872 9494

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