Dekor 2000 Kimberley - Paint-Automotive-Hardware-Decor 

Dekor 2000 Kimberley – Paint-Automotive-Hardware-Decor

Decor 2000 in Kimberley, leaders in the paint industry. We stock a wide range of decor, industrial, agricultural and automotive paints. Paint is our business, the brands we promote are first tested by us. if it meets our high quality standards, only then will it be made available to our clients.

Why Choose Decor / Dekor 2000 Kimberley

At Dekor 2000 you will receive Expert Advice, Site Visits, Colour Consultations, Technical support and Product Support.

We will also supply you with the Latest Trends, Decor Tips, Inspiration and Ideas.

One of our specialists will assist you in finding the right paint, help you overcome any decor problem you might run into and help you find the correct product for you.

Paints Range at Decor / Dekor 2000 Kimberley

We have exactly what you need! We Supply the following coats:

  • Automotive
  • Primers & Undercoats
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Industrial
  • Waterproofing

Spray paint at Dekor / Decor 2000 in Kimberley

Roof Paint & Waterproofing at Dekor / Decor 2000 in Kimberley

Exterior paint at Dekor / Decor 2000 in Kimberley

Industrial Paint at Dekor / Decor 2000 in Kimberley

Primers & Under coats at Dekor / Decor 2000 in Kimberley

Interior Paint at Dekor / Decor 2000 in Kimberley

Some of our Brands

  • Excelsior Paints
  • Prominent Paints
  • Laminin Coatings

Wallpaper at Decor / Dekor 2000 in Kimberley

We supply an exclusive range of wallpapers and borders. Our range includes:

  • Stately Homes
  • Decorators Manual
  • Anaglypta
  • RoomMates Decals
  • Grand Illusions
  • The Young Ones
  • Bella Roma
  • Patrick Hinton
  • Kids @ Home

To view our full range please CLICK HERE

Wall Art at Decor / Dekor 2000 in Kimberley

Imagine a new element of texture, depth and visual appeal. Bring your walls to life with our range of WallArt.

With WallArt 3D wall panels it is easy to give your walls an extra dimension to transform your room. WallArt 3D wall panels are perfect for creating accent walls in almost every room of your home, office or shop. When put together the tiles form a stunning pattern that would literally bring your walls to life. After installing them they can be painted in every colour which fits your interior or a new to be created style.

Hard ware at Decor / Dekor 2000 in Kimberley

Do It Yourself with our Quality Hardware!

We stock a full range of quality brushes and rollers.

Our two many brands is Academy and Harris Brush ware.

We also stock all the paint hardware you might need, from crack fillers to masking tape! 

Decorative Stickers at Decor / Dekor 2000 in Kimberley

Let your imagination take flight! Transform your wall in an instant with our range of decorative stickers:

  • 3D Stickers
  • African
  • Animals
  • Contemporary
  • Flowers
  • Kids stuff
  • Kitchen Wall Art
  • Patterns
  • Quotes
  • Trees and Plants

Services at Decor / Dekor 2000 in Kimberley

Site Visits

We offer site visits to all our clients providing:

  • Quantity Surveys
  • Assessments
  • Colour Matching
  • Problem Analysis
  • Planning of projects

Colour Consultations

We offer on-site or in shop colour consultations by trained and qualified personnel. Things we consider when helping you choose the perfect colour:

  • Your personal style
  • The type of room to be painted
  • The style of the house or building
  • What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create
  • Available lighting and the effect it will have on colour

Technical Support

We offer technical support on the phone, on-line, via e-mail, or on-site.

Product Support

We ensure that the products we sell are backed by the companies that we partner with. Most products offer from a 7 year to a 15 year life expectancy or quality guarantee.

Selecting the right paint at Dekor / Decor 2000 Kimberley

Not all paint is created equal. Top quality paints provide tremendous benefits. They adhere to surfaces much better and hide uneven colouration in the substrate better. They also resist chalking and colour fading, dirt and fungus better than economy paints. And despite costing more per litre, they are actually more economical since they last longer and cost less per year. 



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